VOXELS // “Lurker at the Road House”


It’s been a while since the last time I worked with voxels. Now that I’m currently back to the 3D pixelart thanks to some commission work, I’ve decided to spend a little time practicing and warming up with silly little personal pieces, specially to understand better Magica Voxel‘s rendering engine.

This saloon is a recycled piece that wasn’t used on a commission work. Enjoyed the neons¬† too much to just trash it without doing anything with it.



“One More Pass” by¬†SuperSike Games is a mix between a football game and an endless runner, where you can costumize your team, acquire special players with unique abilities and do your best to just keep passing the ball and scoring goals while avoiding the adversaries through an ever changing landscape.

iOS: bit.ly/OMPiOS
Android: bit.ly/OMPandroid