For a long time that I wanted to do a vector illustration to test Affinity Designer. The icon’s been teasing me on the desktop’s Dock, remembering me everyday that I should give it a go. And so, finally, I did.

I’m not used to do illustrations using vector and each time I do them I ask myself why I don’t work with vectors more often, specially with Affinity. The user interface is so intuitive and smooth that all I needed was a couple of quick UI tutorials and I was ready to go, with the rest being discovered by trial an error (I really like how the software has little bottom notes explaining the controls for each tool you select, helped me a lot!).

I spent a long time just fooling around with shapes, gradients and transparencies or doodling with the brush vector tool… in the end, I’ve decided to remake yesterday’s “The Tao of Pooh” illustration, giving it a completely different look. Still can’t believe how easy it felt to pull it up. Wondering what shall I “vectorize” next…