Remember the February Collab? I’ve just finished gathering up the self-portraits sent to me and here’s the group picture:

It turned out to be a nice mixture between digital and traditional media. Was a bit tricky to arrange everything in a cohesive order so I’ve opted to greyscale everything to bring some unity to the whole group. But below are the original artworks as they dropped in my mailbox. A big thanks to Marek Jarocki, SomePX, Leandro Valente, Pigo Lin, Pin and Sam for contributing with their creativity.

Expect more collaborations in the following months and hope you can all participate!

Any suggestions? Comment below or drop me a message by Facebook, Twitter or E-mail.


Hello everyone! I’ve finally managed to finish my sketch for our monthly collab. Also, already got two submissions for our group picture, from Marek Jarocki and SomePX.

We need more adventurers for our quest! Don’t forget you have the full month to doodle 🙂