Space Siren

Was she human? Was she even a “She”? Could be an “It” for all he cared… a robot, an hologram, a dream, a ghost. All that mattered was that her soul shined through the stars peeking outside the spaceship window… and he burned with them.


Ilustração feita após o polémico “ban” por parte do Tumblr aos mamilos femininos (“female presenting nipples” nas suas próprias palavras) e à nudez em geral. Não seria tão grave se fosse caso isolado, mas a crescente aversão e censura às representações de nudez feminina e masculina, incluindo obras de arte, nas redes sociais é no mínimo preocupante.

Illustration done after Tumblr’s controversial ban on “female presenting nipples” (by their own words) and nudity in general. It wouldn’t be so serious if it was just an isolated case, but the increasing censorship and aversion to depictions of female and male nudity, including artworks, on social media platforms is, at least, worrying.

PIXELART // Mighty Mufflon Games

For some time now I’ve been doing a few pixelart animations for Wings of Justice, an indie Fantasy Role-playing Game being developed by Mighty Mufflon Games.

It’s been a hell of a ride, jumping out of the comfort zone, mostly animating at a higher resolution than I am usually used to, for the combat sprites, and then adapting it to lower resolution versions for the general game view.

I confess that while working on the sprites my love/hate relationship with animation can sometimes become a pain… however, once it is done, there is a peculiar feeling of satisfaction to see a drawing come to life.

Below are a few of the animations done for this project.



Elora riding her horse for the intro scene.



Wild Boar – Idle combat stance.


Elora’s Companion Eagle // Idle combat stance



Elora // Idle combat stance.