PIXELART // Mighty Mufflon Games

For some time now I’ve been doing a few pixelart animations for Wings of Justice, an indie Fantasy Role-playing Game being developed by Mighty Mufflon Games.

It’s been a hell of a ride, jumping out of the comfort zone, mostly animating at a higher resolution than I am usually used to, for the combat sprites, and then adapting it to lower resolution versions for the general game view.

I confess that while working on the sprites my love/hate relationship with animation can sometimes become a pain… however, once it is done, there is a peculiar feeling of satisfaction to see a drawing come to life.

Below are a few of the animations done for this project.



Elora riding her horse for the intro scene.



Wild Boar – Idle combat stance.


Elora’s Companion Eagle // Idle combat stance



Elora // Idle combat stance.


ILLUSTRATION // Museum Commission


Ilustração para o NMAA – Núcleo Museológico de Arqueologia de Afife, em Viana do Castelo, representando num friso o Paleolítico, Neolítico, Cultura Castreja e Romanização.

Illustration commissioned for the Afife’s Archaeology Center Museum (Viana do Castelo – Portugal), depicting the timeline for Paleolithic, Neolithic, Iron age’s “Castro Culture” and Romanization.


Fargo is a great TV series. As the last episode of the first season wrapped up, I was left with that bittersweet feeling of seeing something wonderful end. I’m sure going to miss Billy Bob Thornton’s character, Lorne Malvo… that’s why it didn’t take long until I’ve decided to paint him while listening to the opening theme on a loop.

Fargo é uma excelente série de televisão. Ao ver o último episódio da primeira temporada terminar, fiquei com aquela sensação agridoce de ver algo magnífico chegar ao fim. Vou certamente sentir falta da personagem interpretada por Billy Bob Thornton, Lorne Malvo… foi por isso que não demorou muito até me decidir a pintá-lo enquanto ouvia o tema musical da série em loop.