INKTOBER // Day #3

Inking is still somewhat of a pain for me. I’ve been doodling with it the full day and the notion that there isn’t a ctrl+z to back me up makes it a tiny bit stressing. It forces me to improvise and correct/accept the mistakes or scratch it and start over again.

Still, in the end, it becomes slightly easier with each day.

Desenhar com tinta ainda me custa. Andei a rabiscar o dia todo e a noção de que não existe um ctrl+z para me apoiar, torna tudo um bocadinho mais stressante, forçando-me a improvisar e corrigir/aceitar os erros ou a riscar tudo e começar de novo. 

No entanto, no fim, tem-se tornado ligeiramente mais fácil de dia para dia. 


It’s been a while since I’ve played a pen & paper RPG and yesterday it was time to try Ghost Lines. Hosted by Jogador Sonhador, the campaign quickly gave me the tingles to draw my character so, today, I just had to do it…

I present you Timoth, a.k.a “Booker”, a young Ghost Hunter who earns his life by patrolling the electro railroads that connect the shattered isles of the Imperium. He’s not very good at what he does, but he’s slowly getting the hang of it.