Started to doodle this as soon as I arrived from the cinema. I’ve enjoyed “Logan” so much that I jumped into the desk, played “The Last of Us” soundtrack on a loop and sketched away for a few hours.

Unfortunately work pilled up and I postpone it for weeks and weeks until finally, back in May, I forced myself to finish the piece. I’m still not happy with it, but it’s time to let it go and move on to other things.

ILLUSTRATION // Museum Commission


Ilustração para o NMAA – Núcleo Museológico de Arqueologia de Afife, em Viana do Castelo, representando num friso o Paleolítico, Neolítico, Cultura Castreja e Romanização.

Illustration commissioned for the Afife’s Archaeology Center Museum (Viana do Castelo – Portugal), depicting the timeline for Paleolithic, Neolithic, Iron age’s “Castro Culture” and Romanization.

Farol das Felgueiras


It isn’t original to photograph the Felgueiras Lighthouse. With or without waves licking his back, it got used to be the center of attention by those who pass by daily. Yet, it’s impossible to resist it, specially when we witness by it’s side the end of the evening. So, here goes another picture to the pile of many others, from all of those who pay homage to this lighthouse.

Fotografar o farol das Felgueiras não é original. Com ou sem ondas a lamber-lhe as costas, já se habituou a ser o centro das atenções por quem diariamente por ele passa. Mas é impossível resistir-lhe, especialmente quando com ele partilhamos em silêncio o final da tarde. E assim, aqui vai mais uma fotografia para o monte de tantas outras, de todos aqueles que lhe prestam homenagem.

PHOTOGRAPHY // “Farol das Felgueiras”