“BLOCKED” // A Bitsy Game

BLOCKED is a very simple and minimal tiny-game I created using Bitsy, as a tribute to one of those miserable days where inspiration seems to fail us and one just wanders around, trying to grasp at something, getting increasingly frustrated by the realization that nothing that is done seems right or worthy of notice. 

From creative block to a downspiral of self-doubt,  anxiety and introspection, this little game aims to replicate a little bit of a, well too familiar, territory for all of those creatives who, more or less, frequently go through these situations. 


TILESET // “Sunken Cave”

Sunken Temple is a basic 32×32 tileset, inspired by the H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos and aimed at anyone who wishes to apply it to side-scrolling  platform games. 

This 15×25 tile sheet includes both cave and temple tiles where you will find: 

  • Cave landscape (walls, floors, platforms, rock spikes, waterfall, etc.).
  • Grass, vines, rocks and mushrooms.
  • Bridges and ladders.
  • Door and spear gate.
  • Vertical and horizontal switches.
  • Columns and broken columns.
  • Temple blocks.
  • Temple decorations (statues, lamps, friezes, goblets, etc.).
  • Blue flame. 
  • Darker elements for the background.
  • Overlay horizontal and vertical shadow for temple tiles.

The set comes in two variants: the original one with a squarish layout to the rocky terrain and a second version with a more seamless pattern. 

“Sunken Temple” Tileset is now available for purchase at my Itch.io store HERE!

GAMEDEV // VAGRANT FURY by VectorGoat Games (2018)

Official Website: http://vagrantfurygame.com
Available on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/881260/Vagrant_Fury/

“Vagrant Fury” by VectorGoat Games is a 3D arcade shooter that brings you into a nostalgic 80’s and 90’s action flick vibe, with tons of gunfire, explosions, over the top villains and pop culture references.

In 2018 I had the pleasure to collaborate with this project by sculpting in voxelart the characters, buildings and some other elements that would later integrate the game. It was an interesting and fun process to try to integrate the game’s unique conceptart designs into 3D shapes that would still be decently apt to be animated later.

Below are examples of some of the assets created.







PIXELART // Mighty Mufflon Games

For some time now I’ve been doing a few pixelart animations for Wings of Justice, an indie Fantasy Role-playing Game being developed by Mighty Mufflon Games.

It’s been a hell of a ride, jumping out of the comfort zone, mostly animating at a higher resolution than I am usually used to, for the combat sprites, and then adapting it to lower resolution versions for the general game view.

I confess that while working on the sprites my love/hate relationship with animation can sometimes become a pain… however, once it is done, there is a peculiar feeling of satisfaction to see a drawing come to life.

Below are a few of the animations done for this project.



Elora riding her horse for the intro scene.



Wild Boar – Idle combat stance.


Elora’s Companion Eagle // Idle combat stance



Elora // Idle combat stance.

Missing Translation now available on Steam!

Great news everyone! Our ‪Missing Translation‬ is now available on Steam for FREE. If you would like to support the ‪‎gamedev‬ team you can always buy the deluxe edition, featuring the production concept art and some exclusive artwork from yours truly, sided with the video game soundtrack by Albert Fernandéz, production notes, photos and other goodies.

STORE LINK // http://store.steampowered.com/app/395530/


Alpixel Games‘s Missing Translation is a puzzle game where the main character finds himself stuck in a strange village populated by weird inhabitants. The only way to return home is to solve all of the puzzle challenges that are scattered throughout the buildings. Meanwhile, the player can try to learn the game’s language and communicate with the villagers by drawing specific symbols.

Example of Missing Translation language system:

The public interest in Missing Translation became evident first with the successful crowdfunding campaign that allowed it to be showcased at Madrid Games Week and second by becoming hóPLAY 2014‘s finalist for Best Creative Design and Best Sound while winning the award for Best Original Idea. In less than a month, Missing Translation got the Steam Greenlight and is now released on this platform for PC/Mac and Android devices, with both a Standard and Deluxe Editions.

For more information, like the game’s devlog or articles from the Press, please check the official Missing Translation website or Alpixel Games.




DESIGN, CODE & PRODUCTION // Luis Díaz GAME GRAPHICS / ART // Gustavo Santos MUSIC // Albert Fernández SOUND DESIGN // Tice Thomanson


December 2014 was a busy and challenging month, creating all of the necessary pixel art graphics for WRONG Digital‘s and Opel.ru‘s Adam New Year 2015 mini game.

The rules are simple: choose the Ded Moroz (a Slavic figure similar to Santa Claus) corresponding to the Opel Adam car you wish to drive (Slam, Glam or Rocks). Then, race through the track gathering the items with the same color of your Opel Adam to gain more speed, while avoiding the other items that will slow you down. Try to get to the finish line before the time runs out. Have fun!

Below are some samples of the various game elements.







DISCLAIMER: Adam New Year 2015 video game elements are now exclusively owned by Opel.ru

game design // “cyber punkemon”

Around March 2014, I had the luck to team up with Gordon Little, Ivano Palmentieri and Rusty Hayes, on another one of Gordon’s creative ideas: Cyber Punkemon! For roughly ten days we rushed to have the game done in time for #cyberpunkjam. Presented by @pixelgoth and hosted by Itch.io#cyberpunkjam was the perfect excuse for all of us to learn more about our digital crafts while having lots of fun in the process. It can be said that Cyber Punkemon turned out to be a deranged mix between the futuristic-hacker-friendly-neon-loving 80’s aesthetics and the 90’s Pokemon experience we all grew to love.

For this project, not only I had the chance to do an end credits pixel art scene (like it happened before with Gordon Little’s The Saga of Crushing Candy for #candyjam) but also rejoice in my 80’s nostalgia and create some of the in-game graphics.

Yet, better than to continue talking about the game lets have you experience it… here!

Below are some of the in-game art I worked on: