PIXELART // “Prideo”

Por vezes o sotaque do Norte gera trocadilhos irresistíveis…

Sometimes the northern portuguese accent generates irresistable puns. This one is, unfortunatelly, not translatable to english but I can try to explain: the begining of the portuguese word for building – “Prédio” – with the northern accent sounds like the english word “Pride”.

“BLOCKED” // A Bitsy Game

BLOCKED is a very simple and minimal tiny-game I created using Bitsy, as a tribute to one of those miserable days where inspiration seems to fail us and one just wanders around, trying to grasp at something, getting increasingly frustrated by the realization that nothing that is done seems right or worthy of notice. 

From creative block to a downspiral of self-doubt,  anxiety and introspection, this little game aims to replicate a little bit of a, well too familiar, territory for all of those creatives who, more or less, frequently go through these situations. 


TILESET // “Sunken Cave”

Sunken Temple is a basic 32×32 tileset, inspired by the H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos and aimed at anyone who wishes to apply it to side-scrolling  platform games. 

This 15×25 tile sheet includes both cave and temple tiles where you will find: 

  • Cave landscape (walls, floors, platforms, rock spikes, waterfall, etc.).
  • Grass, vines, rocks and mushrooms.
  • Bridges and ladders.
  • Door and spear gate.
  • Vertical and horizontal switches.
  • Columns and broken columns.
  • Temple blocks.
  • Temple decorations (statues, lamps, friezes, goblets, etc.).
  • Blue flame. 
  • Darker elements for the background.
  • Overlay horizontal and vertical shadow for temple tiles.

The set comes in two variants: the original one with a squarish layout to the rocky terrain and a second version with a more seamless pattern. 

“Sunken Temple” Tileset is now available for purchase at my Itch.io store HERE!


Created by JudeBuffumPixels on Instagram, the challenge named BLOCKTOBER II – Myths & Legends consisted on creating a pixelart piece every day, depicting the monsters on the prompt list.

This year I was able to go through with it and not skip a day, learning a lot throughout the process. Here are the results:


Ilustração feita após o polémico “ban” por parte do Tumblr aos mamilos femininos (“female presenting nipples” nas suas próprias palavras) e à nudez em geral. Não seria tão grave se fosse caso isolado, mas a crescente aversão e censura às representações de nudez feminina e masculina, incluindo obras de arte, nas redes sociais é no mínimo preocupante.

Illustration done after Tumblr’s controversial ban on “female presenting nipples” (by their own words) and nudity in general. It wouldn’t be so serious if it was just an isolated case, but the increasing censorship and aversion to depictions of female and male nudity, including artworks, on social media platforms is, at least, worrying.