My latest attempt at joining a trend with a quick sketch for #Mermay

It’s been a few months since the last time I posted content here, or anywhere really…

It’s not that I’ve been slacking off on creative artistic work in general (thanks Archaeology!) it’s more that I’ve been too unmotivated to share anything at all in social media platforms. However, after a much needed introspection time, I’ve realized that this blog is what I want to focus on. Far from algorithms, likes, shares, etc… just a place where I post things without worrying about which trendy hashtags should I put.

All I ask from whoever comes across this page and these posts (yes, you there on the other side of the monitor, reading these sentences…) is to give genuine written feedback. Be it if you like it or you hate it or are indifferent to it… tell me why. I wanna know and learn from it. From years on Social Media, hearts and thumbs up icons haven’t taught me a thing about my progress and perhaps that’s the cause of my lack of interest from sharing anything at all lately.

Let’s make this a symbiotic relationship where you fuel the creative process by sparing a few moments to comment on it. That would be awesome and I would be ever so grateful for such gesture!