I never payed too much attention to Marvel’s Daredevil but I have to admit that the new TV series is slowly changing my perspective on the character.

Nunca prestei grande atenção ao Daredevil da Marvel mas tenho que admitir que a nova série de televisão está lentamente a mudar a minha opinião sobre a personagem.


(Tentacle piece at the 2011 exhibition in Caldas da Rainha. Picture by Leandro Valente)

That is not dead which can eternal lie,
and with strange aeons even death may die.

– H.P. Lovecraft

I’ve been a fan of H.P. Lovecraft for many years and so it’s no surprise that Call of Cthulhu is my favorite role playing game of all time (with White Wolf’s Vampire the Masquerade following closely in second). In this RPG inspired by Lovecraft’s work, there is a book similar to any Monster Manual from RPG’s like Dungeons and Dragons, awesomely named Malleus Monstrorum. In it, there is a vast data base of creatures from Lovecraft’s Mythos divided into five categories: Outer Gods, Elder Gods, Great Old Ones, Great Ones and Avatars. The idea for this challenge would be to create your own creature from any of these categories, it’s up to you to decide it’s shape, it’s personality, it’s powers, it’s archetypes, etc… go terrifying or go silly, it’s up to you! To help you on where to place your creature here is a brief explanation of each category from Chaosium’s website:

OUTER GODS rule the universe. All races and lesser deities of the Mythos acknowledge the Outer Gods, and may worship them. Except for Nyarlathotep, these gods have little to do with humanity.

ELDER GODS are neutral to or possibly rivals to the Outer Gods. Though vast and of awesome power, they do not seem to be as dangerous to humanity as the Outer Gods.

GREAT OLD ONES are not omnipotent, but nonetheless are godlike and terrible in human eyes. Humans are likely to worship Great Old Ones, who are comparatively near at hand.

GREAT ONES are the gods of Earth’s Dreamlands. Do not confuse them with the Great Old Ones. They are the weakest of all the deity types, and a wise mortal can surpass them in might.

AVATARS are variant manifestations of an Outer God, Great Old One, Elder God, or Great One. Usually less powerful than the gods they represent, many are more horrible to witness.

Like the previous one, the challenge deadline is until the end of the month. Since this time the results will not be putted together in a group picture, you can go wild and use whatever colors, styles, mediums you wish to portray your creation!

I’m really curious to see what unspeakable things you will create, I’m still deciding if I shall go silly or invest in something more serious… Have fun everyone!!