After watching so many people streaming with Twitch I decided to give it a try today. It wasn’t planned, more of a test while I did some warmup doodles. A while ago I was streaming some #Doodle_Saturdays using LiveStream  through their native software LiveStream Producer. However, it seems people had to register if they wished to watch any of it. Besides that inconvenience, overall it was an ok experience… pretty straight forward for what I wanted.

With Twitch things got more interesting. First, and the most important, anyone can watch it! From what I understood, visitors only need to register in case they want to use the website’s chat. Then, the software used for streaming is different – Open Broadcaster Software. OBS was a big surprise with the degree of customization making things so much easier, specially for someone who works with only one laptop monitor. Slowly I’m getting the hang of it and count on improving things as I go along.

So the streaming went well, managed to do some little warmup’s that you can see below. Now just one thing concerns me: which time is the best to do future streams? The best part of streaming while I work is to have people’s participation, not only with feedback but also with ideas on what to draw. That’s what makes things interesting and fun and that’s why I would love to know which time is more convenient for most of you, who are interested in watching it. Please let me know by Facebook, Twitter, E-mail or by commenting here on the blog… it will be a pleasure to stream some doodles for you more frequently!

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