Lupata Art Magazine is, as the name suggests, a monthly Art magazine project that started in February and plans to go on for a full year. It’s current online format allows anyone to read it for free and enjoy different types of artwork (illustration, photography, poetry, etc), all united by a common monthly theme – for example, March’s theme for Lupata #2 was Birds that don’t fly.

I had the opportunity to participate in March’s issue of Lupata with a digital illustration and now I can’t wait for next month’s theme to come up… really curious to what it will be about.


For a long time that I wanted to do a vector illustration to test Affinity Designer. The icon’s been teasing me on the desktop’s Dock, remembering me everyday that I should give it a go. And so, finally, I did.

I’m not used to do illustrations using vector and each time I do them I ask myself why I don’t work with vectors more often, specially with Affinity. The user interface is so intuitive and smooth that all I needed was a couple of quick UI tutorials and I was ready to go, with the rest being discovered by trial an error (I really like how the software has little bottom notes explaining the controls for each tool you select, helped me a lot!).

I spent a long time just fooling around with shapes, gradients and transparencies or doodling with the brush vector tool… in the end, I’ve decided to remake yesterday’s “The Tao of Pooh” illustration, giving it a completely different look. Still can’t believe how easy it felt to pull it up. Wondering what shall I “vectorize” next…


After watching so many people streaming with Twitch I decided to give it a try today. It wasn’t planned, more of a test while I did some warmup doodles. A while ago I was streaming some #Doodle_Saturdays using LiveStream  through their native software LiveStream Producer. However, it seems people had to register if they wished to watch any of it. Besides that inconvenience, overall it was an ok experience… pretty straight forward for what I wanted.

With Twitch things got more interesting. First, and the most important, anyone can watch it! From what I understood, visitors only need to register in case they want to use the website’s chat. Then, the software used for streaming is different – Open Broadcaster Software. OBS was a big surprise with the degree of customization making things so much easier, specially for someone who works with only one laptop monitor. Slowly I’m getting the hang of it and count on improving things as I go along.

So the streaming went well, managed to do some little warmup’s that you can see below. Now just one thing concerns me: which time is the best to do future streams? The best part of streaming while I work is to have people’s participation, not only with feedback but also with ideas on what to draw. That’s what makes things interesting and fun and that’s why I would love to know which time is more convenient for most of you, who are interested in watching it. Please let me know by Facebook, Twitter, E-mail or by commenting here on the blog… it will be a pleasure to stream some doodles for you more frequently!


Remember the February Collab? I’ve just finished gathering up the self-portraits sent to me and here’s the group picture:

It turned out to be a nice mixture between digital and traditional media. Was a bit tricky to arrange everything in a cohesive order so I’ve opted to greyscale everything to bring some unity to the whole group. But below are the original artworks as they dropped in my mailbox. A big thanks to Marek Jarocki, SomePX, Leandro Valente, Pigo Lin, Pin and Sam for contributing with their creativity.

Expect more collaborations in the following months and hope you can all participate!

Any suggestions? Comment below or drop me a message by Facebook, Twitter or E-mail.


Since WordPress supports Tumblr syncing, I’ve created a Tumblr page to sync with it and also easily follow other people’s work.

“but Gus, didn’t you have a Tumblr before? Why did you delete it?”

Yes, yes I did… but now I recognize that Tumblr is an important tool for sharing artwork and interacting with other artists. However, WordPress is my main hub, I’ll be introducing all the main content through here and then it (hopefully) gets shared into Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. So, fingers crossed and let’s see if that works!

Meanwhile, if you have a Tumblr page, please share in the comments, would love to follow your work! 🙂


These past few days I’ve been trying some new things on Mischief. Instead of heavily depending on sketch/guide lines, I’ve started to give it a go at adding and erasing broad shapes, color rendering them with the pencil/airbrush tool and improvising from there, always having a good amount of layers to avoid accidents. For someone who would occasionally get stuck at inking the line-art or color rendering, this process became far more intuitive and spontaneous. I’m slowly getting the hang of it and really looking forward to what this may bring… at least now I have no excuse to not do more colored pieces that aren’t pixel art.