game design // “cyber punkemon”

Around March 2014, I had the luck to team up with Gordon Little, Ivano Palmentieri and Rusty Hayes, on another one of Gordon’s creative ideas: Cyber Punkemon! For roughly ten days we rushed to have the game done in time for #cyberpunkjam. Presented by @pixelgoth and hosted by was the perfect excuse for all of us to learn more about our digital crafts while having lots of fun in the process. It can be said that Cyber Punkemon turned out to be a deranged mix between the futuristic-hacker-friendly-neon-loving 80’s aesthetics and the 90’s Pokemon experience we all grew to love.

For this project, not only I had the chance to do an end credits pixel art scene (like it happened before with Gordon Little’s The Saga of Crushing Candy for #candyjam) but also rejoice in my 80’s nostalgia and create some of the in-game graphics.

Yet, better than to continue talking about the game lets have you experience it… here!

Below are some of the in-game art I worked on: