After creating my PATREON campaign page, I’ve been focused on working for another video game (more updates on that later). Meanwhile, commissions or other works that aren’t video game related are non existent, leaving me with this nostalgia for the times I did regular illustrations for people’s original characters, stories, t-shirts, etc…

I really enjoy video games and working for them, but other drawing skills are gradually rusting up. To fight this, I’ve pushed myself to return to urban sketching, even in Winter’s snowy and rainy days, spending time on the street or inside a cafe/pub drawing Riga’s locations and people. Only by then I noticed how much I need to practice to return to the same dexterity I had back in Art School.

So, this Sunday, I asked Grampa Bear if he wanted to earn a few euros and help me out. Being the nice guy he always is, he agreed and hit the streets to advertise my services before he goes back home to hibernate.

I’m looking forward for your messages asking me to draw for you. You can check more about Commissioned work HERE.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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