My latest attempt at joining a trend with a quick sketch for #Mermay

It’s been a few months since the last time I posted content here, or anywhere really…

It’s not that I’ve been slacking off on creative artistic work in general (thanks Archaeology!) it’s more that I’ve been too unmotivated to share anything at all in social media platforms. However, after a much needed introspection time, I’ve realized that this blog is what I want to focus on. Far from algorithms, likes, shares, etc… just a place where I post things without worrying about which trendy hashtags should I put.

All I ask from whoever comes across this page and these posts (yes, you there on the other side of the monitor, reading these sentences…) is to give genuine written feedback. Be it if you like it or you hate it or are indifferent to it… tell me why. I wanna know and learn from it. From years on Social Media, hearts and thumbs up icons haven’t taught me a thing about my progress and perhaps that’s the cause of my lack of interest from sharing anything at all lately.

Let’s make this a symbiotic relationship where you fuel the creative process by sparing a few moments to comment on it. That would be awesome and I would be ever so grateful for such gesture!


VOXEL // Medieval CATsle




This is the type of silly idea that I had to do today, even if just as a quick draft in between commissioned work.

Although this model still fits the traditional 126x size, lately I’ve been having a blast building bigger models that go beyond that limitation, thanks to the newest Magica Voxel update.

It’s great to see my favorite voxel editor get even better with each version but now I have even less reasons to give Qubicle a try.

VOXELS // “Lurker at the Road House”


It’s been a while since the last time I worked with voxels. Now that I’m currently back to the 3D pixelart thanks to some commission work, I’ve decided to spend a little time practicing and warming up with silly little personal pieces, specially to understand better Magica Voxel‘s rendering engine.

This saloon is a recycled piece that wasn’t used on a commission work. Enjoyed the neons  too much to just trash it without doing anything with it.

PIXELART // Mighty Mufflon Games

For some time now I’ve been doing a few pixelart animations for Wings of Justice, an indie Fantasy Role-playing Game being developed by Mighty Mufflon Games.

It’s been a hell of a ride, jumping out of the comfort zone, mostly animating at a higher resolution than I am usually used to, for the combat sprites, and then adapting it to lower resolution versions for the general game view.

I confess that while working on the sprites my love/hate relationship with animation can sometimes become a pain… however, once it is done, there is a peculiar feeling of satisfaction to see a drawing come to life.

Below are a few of the animations done for this project.


Elora riding her horse for the intro scene.


Wild Boar – Idle combat stance.
Elora’s Companion Eagle // Idle combat stance


Elora // Idle combat stance.